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Troy Nicholas Tremblay

Financial Consultant / Partner

Troy Tremblay has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, holding Series 7 and Series 66 securities registrations as well as insurance licenses for life and annuity products. Troy is currently licensed to work with clients in Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, California, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Hawaii, and Minnesota. He’s been the recipient of the Centaurus Financial Quantum Leap Award four times, and received Centaurus Financial’s Top Branch Award many times.

Troy is a financial consultant, partner and 50 percent owner of the Tremblay Financial Services’ Nashville branch office. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Tremblay Financial Services (TFS) has two additional branches in Westlake Village, CA and Santa Maria, CA. Tremblay Financial Services was founded by Tim Tremblay, Troy’s father, in 1997.

“In a certain sense, you could say I started working for my father when I was 8 years old,” Troy explains. “I would go to Prudential Bache with him every morning at 5:30am. Before walking to school, I would distribute the Wall Street Journals and deliver coffee to the other stockbrokers in the office. Then after school, I would walk back to the office, do my homework, and stay there until it was time to go home.”

“I had a small brokerage account, and I would trade stocks at an early age. As I got older, I worked at Prudential Bache and Smith Barney as an intern all through high school and college. Prior to joining TFS in 2003 when I became a registered representative, I worked for Larry Biehl, who was a founder of the Bay Area investment firm Bailard Biehl and Kaiser (now Bailard). While working with Larry Biehl, I worked directly for his top five clients with a combined AUM of over $1 billion. I worked closely with these families for two years—from 2001 to 2003—and learned a great deal about client relationships, a family’s needs and expectations around money, and how to deliver great service.”

Troy has always been intrigued by the investment industry and he loves to help his clients. While attending Westmont College in Montecito, CA (where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communication studies), he worked at Nordstrom where he learned how important customer service is. “For any business to be successful, it is critical to put the customer first.” During the last two decades, Troy has watched the financial services industry move away from the customer service model with ‘robo-advisors’ and call center advisory services. As a result, he sees more demand for excellent customer service in the financial services industry than at any other time in his 20-year career.

“Another reason why I chose this profession is that I get to work with my family,” Troy says. “What differentiates TFS is our excellent reputation. Our firm was founded in the small town of Santa Barbara 26 years ago. Over that time period we have seen dozens of small independent firms close their doors and cease to exist for various reasons. We have not only kept our doors open during many challenging times but we have grown and expanded slowly over the last two and a half decades and our Nashville branch is a testament to this. I work with my dad who plans to continue to work for at least another 10 years. At the age of 47, I plan to work for another 25 years and my kids who are in college now will likely begin careers at TFS. I believe our firm will continue to service clients at the local level for generations to come. With that said we realize how critical it is for any investment firm to maintain an excellent reputation in a small community. And the best way to maintain that reputation is to always put the client first.”

When I meet with someone new, I tell them that I work for a family-owned investment firm and that I am an investment advisor with many different investments and services. I explain that Tremblay Financial Services offers a wide range of investments, from individual stocks, to mutual funds, to bonds, and insurance. We offer different types of investment accounts from a brokerage account, to an IRA, to a college savings 529 plan. The services we offer can be retirement planning, estate planning, tax strategies, all under the umbrella of investment advisory services."

“Before we can properly offer investment advice at TFS, we must learn as much about as client financially as possible before we can make any specific recommendations. These subjects include but are not limited to: Their financial profile (income, expenses, debt, net worth), risk tolerance, investment objectives, financial goals, and tax situation. Once we gather all of this information, we go to our resources and tailor a plan that we believe is best for them. Our firm’s approach is different because we do not have any proprietary investments and have no vested interest in putting their money into one mutual fund, insurance product or IPO versus another. Most of the corporate investment firms or banks have their own investment products that are not always the best fit for client but are the most profitable for that corporation. This is what makes our approach different from the large corporate investment firms,” Troy says.

He continues, “There are many ways I have contributed to my clients’ success in my career. Every client is different, so it is difficult to say there is one way to make this contribution. But if I had to pick one way, I would say proper communication to the client is going to help them be successful. This is true about all communication with each client from the time we first meet to the ongoing relationship of servicing the client and managing not only their assets but their expectations. Some examples of proper communication are explaining the risks of investments, administrative tasks, prompt response to inquiries and just checking in with them as frequently as they would like (monthly, quarterly, etc.). At the same time, it is also critical that the client communicates with me as well so that we can make necessary changes and adjustments to their plan.”

I enjoy helping clients have peace of mind. I am most satisfied when I am able to alleviate any financial or investment stress or worry that a client illustrates when we first meet. It’s good to hear that a client can ‘sleep at night’ now that they have completed our financial plan with me.

Troy’s goal as a financial professional, and for the TFS Nashville office, is to always put the clients’ interests first and provide them with the most excellent customer service possible, while educating them on their financial journey and alleviating their worries about investments.

Troy was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, where he lived his entire life until January of 2022, when he moved to Nashville, his wife’s hometown. While he does go to back to Santa Barbara occasionally to meet with clients in person, he now lives in Nashville full time, and enjoys exploring the great state of Tennessee and showing friends and family the city of Nashville when they come to visit. He hopes to eventually work with his kids in the TFS Nashville branch office he is busy building.

Married to wife Jenise Tremblay for nearly 25 years, the couple first met while working at Nordstrom in Santa Barbara. They have three children, Tyler, Noah, and Madison. Tyler recently graduated from Cal Lutheran University with a bachelor’s degree in business economics. Noah will be attending his junior year at The University of Tennessee. And Madison will be attending Santa Barbara City College and working as an intern at the TFS Santa Barbara office this fall.

Troy enjoys spending time with his family and their two dogs (labs). He’s an avid football fan and enjoys traveling to watch games when he can. He says, “I love football because I used to play. I went to Santa Barbara City College first and played for them, and then I went to Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and played one year of Division II football. When I realized how cold the winters were in Pennsylvania, I moved back to California and finished college at Westmont.”

Troy looks forward to building up the Nashville branch office, and plans to become as deeply embedded in Nashville as he was in Santa Barbara. In 2007 he started teaching an adult education retirement planning class at Santa Barbara City College. The curriculum he developed was comprehensive; a 12-unit course that covered many areas of retirement planning topics, including income sources, Social Security optimization, investments, estate planning, insurance, and long-term care among others. Troy says, “This class is very interesting to teach, and it is constantly changing. I plan to teach this class in Nashville in our new conference room, designed to be easily converted into a classroom.”

Troy also enjoys appearing in the media. He was on KEYT, a local ABC news affiliate in Santa Barbara, many times. He did a weekly show about local publicly-traded companies and he has been interviewed as a subject matter economic expert for several specific new stories, including the increase in the price of oil and interest rate hikes.

Community involvement is also very important to him, and as the Nashville office becomes more established, he plans to dive in. “I served as a board member and head of the investment committee for the St. Francis Foundation in Santa Barbara for several years. I also served as the president of the Santa Barbara Youth Football League and was a head coach for various teams for several seasons. I volunteered at my alma mater Bishop Diego High School, coordinating and implementing the video and technology service for the football program for six years. TFS has sponsored many nonprofits and youth programs at the local level over the years; I enjoy helping and guiding the youth in my community and will continue to do so at the next opportunity. Helping the youth is important to me because they represent our future,” Troy says.

Series 7, Series 66 securities registrations

CA Insurance License #0E08618

TN Insurance License #3001734464

Troy Tremblay offers securities through Centaurus Financial, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC for residents of the following state(s): CA, CO, FL, HI, KY, PA, SC, TX, VA, WA, TN.

Troy Tremblay offers advisory services through Centaurus Financial, Inc., a registered investment advisor for residents of the following state(s): CA, FL, TN.

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